ROAD TRIPPING WITH A DOG – 11 Things to remember when hitting the road with your furry buddy

Going road tripping with your dog can be lots of fun. You might find and think of places and activities that wouldn’t even cross your mind if you were travelling alone.

On the other hand, having your dog with you on the road brings on certain responsibilities and things to remember. To help you with that we have collected some tips and a check list to go through before you leave. This will help you to make sure everything is in place for you to have an amazing trip!:

1. Is your dog car friendly?

Of course road tripping with your dog won’t be much fun if your doggo is afraid or otherwise not cool with travelling in a car. Luckily, there are things you can do to help your dog getting more comfortable spending time in the car.

Read some helpful tips to deal with dog car anxiety from our blog post : DOG CAR ANXIETY – What to do if my dog doesn’t like riding a car?

2. Is your car dog friendly?

If your dog is all excited and ready to go, make sure your car is dog friendly too. This includes air conditioning, sufficient space and a seat belt or a crate for the dog. Always remember to keep your dog restrained in the car!

And for your own sake, put some sheets or blankets there to protect the car from all the fur and drool.

3. Is your dog microchipped and vaccinated?

Make sure all of your dogs vaccinations are in order. Microchipping the dog is also a good idea before you leave in case he goes missing or something else happens.

4. Wear your dog off before long rides

This will make the ride more enjoyable for both you and the dog. Bursting with energy the dog can be tad annoying in the car.

Take a long walk or play some fetch before leaving. This will keep your dog more calm and relaxed as you roll.

5. Don’t give your dog food right before a long ride

Time the feeding few hours before you leave. This will prevent your dog from getting nauseous in the car.

6. Car safety while road tripping with a dog

Always keep your dog restrained in the car. Either belted or in a crate. Drive safely and avoid any sudden movements of the car.

Make sure that the dogs head stays inside a moving car at all times and never ever leave your dog in a car on a warm day, even for minutes. On cooler days remember to still leave the windows open and don’t leave him alone there longer than is absolutely necessary.

7. Take frequent bathroom breaks

Remember to stop frequently and give your dog a chance to stretch and go to the bathroom.

8. Make sure the locations you’re going are dog friendly

Not all places welcome our fur buddies. Check beforehand that hotels and parks you are going to allow dogs in there. Also keep in mind that many hotels charge extra cost for pets. Remember to ask about their pet policy when you are booking your accommodation.

9. Be aware of the local regulations

Check the local regulations for dogs. Some national parks and public beaches don’t allow dogs and it’s not okay to let your dog swim everywhere. Keeping your dog restrained is mandatory in many areas.Check the local websites for specific guidelines.

10. Mind the wildlife

Be careful when walking in places where there might be wildlife. Keep your dog restrained in order to prevent any unwanted hunting trips.

11. Know where the nearest vet clinics are

Check google maps for nearby vet clinics in the area you are at. If something is to happen you don’t then have to consume time on tracking that information.

Road tripping with your dog can be a blast if you remember some key points
Road tripping with your dog can be a blast if you remember some key points

So here was some key tips to remember when going road tripping with a dog. Most important of all, remember to have a blast and really enjoy your time. These kinds of trips generate such amazing memories and really build up the bond between you and your beloved dog!

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