ROAD TRIP IN LAPLAND TIPS – things to keep in mind when going road tripping in Finnish Lapland

Lapland beauty

This article contains some tips and things to keep in mind when going on a road trip in Finnish Lapland. Based on our own experiences roaming in the arctic wilderness by our van, these are some key points you should be aware of and prepared for.

Beauty of Lapland

Lapland is an amazing place to explore with a car. The beauty of the wilderness in northern Finland combined with the freedom of travelling by your own car is an adventure that will surely stay in your memories as long as you live.

All set for and hopping behind the steering wheel, check this list at least once before you leave. It may help you to be prepared for some inconvenient surprises and help you have as safe and enjoyable trip as possible!

1. Reindeers

Lapland is well known for their reindeers. Seeing these arctic creatures is one of the joys of travelling in Lapland and you will definetly come across then a few times.

They surely are fun to meet and look at but they also are something to watch for when driving in Lapland. On our last trip to Lapland I can´t even count the times a reindeer or a flock of them jumped in the front of our car seemingly from nowhere. So be careful!

Reindeers in Lapland
Reindeers can be seen nearly everywhere in Lapland

Sometimes they just hang around on the road and move slowly so have patience. Don´t scare them by honking. They will move out of the way eventually. It´s also a good idea to warn other cars by flashing your lights at them couple of time if you have seen reindeers on the road so they know to slow down.

Besides reindeers there’s also lots of mooses in Finland. They are bigger and move faster than reindeers and cause quite a few crashes every year. So it’s a good idea to mind your speed all the times, especially in the winter when the roads are slippery.

2. Mosquitos (and other bugs)

Road trip in Lapland during summer
Lapland can be crowded with bugs during summer

If you’re travelling in the winter this won’t be a problem but during warmer seasons mosquitos and other bugs can be quite a nuisance. There can be quite a lot of them. Especially near forests and lakes. So be sure you pack bug repellents with you and don’t keep your car doors and tent entries open for too long.

It’s also a good idea to dress up with long sleeved shirt, a hat and long pants even if the weather is warm. That way the bugs have less access to your skin.

3. Distances

In Lapland the distances are a lot longer than in some more inhabited areas. There won’t be a gas station or a grocery store in every corner. So good planning is needed here to prevent you from running out of gas or food at inconvenient times.

We tend to pack some extra food and gas when hitting the road just in case we happen to hit some wilderness area where there’s no stores or gas stations in sight.

4. The sun

The sunlight can be fierce during summer

Again during winter this won’t be an issue. Then the issue is actually the lack of daylight so good lights are needed then. During summer the sun doesn’t really set at all and it is surprisingly bright and low at times, making you virtually blind unless you have good sun glasses, so remember to pack those with you also!

5. The weather

Keep in mind that roads are not always in the best conditions in Lapland
The roads in Lapland aren’t always in the best conditions dues to extreme weather conditions

The weather conditions in the arctic are pretty extreme and the seasonal changes huge. During summer it can be pretty hot so functioning air condition in your car is almost a must. During fall you have lots of rain and winters are cold and snowy.

Preparing for the weather conditions and equipping your car accordingly will help you to have as safe and enjoyable trip as possible!

Wandering in Lapland at our latest road trip

Road trip in Lapland is every adventurers dream and with good preparation suites almost everyone

So pack your bags and car, check that you are all set for and hit the road with love in your heart and curiosity in your mind.

Hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to comment and share it! For information on some cool things to do and experience in Lapland during summer check our post : FINNISH LAPLAND IN SUMMER – Activities during warmer season in the North

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