LOW BUDGET WEEKEND GETAWAY IDEAS FOR COUPLES – how to spend some special time together with your partner with little or no money

Low budget weekend getaway

In this article we present 5 low budget ideas for a weekend getaway with your partner. For some of these ideas you need virtually no extra money and still get to spend some quality time with your loved one and refresh your relationship!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the auto-pilot mode? Flying through everyday task, forgetting to pay enough attention and care to the things that really mean the most to you? Like your relationship.

When time and money is short we might think that there’s no way we can do anything to celebrate an re-connect with our beloved one. But you really don’t have to book an expensive spa or flights to exotic destination to take some time off and enjoy together. So whether you want to just recharge and re-connect together or you want to surprise your partner, here are few fun low budget ideas for a weekend getaway:

1. Home retreat

Low budget weekend getaway
Arrange a home retreat a for real low budget sweet weekend getaway

This first option is the easiest but something you might not think of so often. You really don’t need to leave your home to get that sense of getting away from all the every day life hustle.

Make your home a sanctuary for one weekend. Turn off your phones and computers, maybe arrange someone to take care of your children or pets and decorate your home so it will be a beautiful safe sanctuary for couple of days.

Without the normal distractions you might find unusual fun things to do and experiment together. Maybe play board games, do yoga, take a bath together or read Kama Sutra. Whatever you feel is the most fun and relaxing for you both. If you want to invest a little bit more money you can buy some gourmet foods to cook and enjoy together

2. Camping

Camping can be really romantic

If the weather allows, why don’t you go camping for couple of days? Even if you’re not such a enthusiast when it comes to outdoor adventures, experiencing something like this and working as a team can build a bond between people tremendously.

If you don’t own a camping equipment odds are someone you know does and is willing to borrow his. So camping is also a pretty cheap option. And what would be more romantic than to watch the stars in front of a bonfire with your loved one 😉

3. Trekking

Picture from Pixabay

Hiking is the little more extreme version of the previous one. It really doesn’t take any more money than camping but a little bit more effort if you are going to wander in the wilderness a little more. But then again it can be a really fun bonding experience.

You don’t have to think of some extreme long and hard treks, shorter ones gives you more time and energy to enjoy the natures beauty together.

4. Nearby cities or countryside

Chances are that you have a lot of areas and cities under a 100 mile radar that you are actually pretty unfamiliar with. So why don´t you go and explore together one of these places.

Accommodations can be found at quite low prices when proper research is done. Look for hostels and airbnb for example. In Finland we have quite a lot of beautiful country side and small villages that offer pretty cheap accommodation options and lots of nature or other cool things to explore together.

5. Road trip

On a road trip the world is your oyster

With wheels under you, even couple of days is enough to see a lot together. Road tripping also gives you a sense of freedom which is really enjoyable together. You can go where ever you want!

Depending on your budget and wishes for comfort level you can choose sleeping in the car, pack a tent with you or book cheap accommodation somewhere along the way. If you don´t own your own car look for rental cars or ask if someone you know could borrow.

Don´t forget to really appreciate one another

The time together is most precious

In the end, for a weekend getaway with your partner, it´s really not so much about the destination than it is about you two spending time together and connecting. So make sure to keep that in mind and not get too caught up on the destinations and little details. Whatever you choose to do, remember the reason you are doing it and cherish the time you have together.

Hopefully you found these low budget weekend getaway ideas helpful. For more about couples travelling read our post : TRAVELING AS A COUPLE – 10 tips to avoid fighting when on a holiday with your partner

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