LOCAL TRAVEL BENEFITS – why closer is sometimes better

Local travel is often considered as one of the last options when thinking of how to spend a holiday. Foreign exotic countries are thought to be the only places to gain amazing experiences at. But due to the recent events in the world, the idea of traveling locally has gained more popularity. In this article we’ve collected some of the local travel benefits to inspire you

Local travel benefits
Beautiful summer evening in Finland

1. You save money

When you travel in your home country you will most likely save tons of money.

It’s likely you won’t have to travel by plane and therefore save on the plane tickets. Traveling by your own car or by a train is usually much cheaper.

Local travel benefits both your own and your countries economy
Local travel benefits both your own and your countries economy

Accommodation costs can be way lower. Especially if you are lucky enough to be able to stay at some of your relatives or friends houses. Or camping. Or if you’re up to it, sleep in your car. That might actually break you more away from your comfort zone than sleeping in a comfy hotel abroad.

2. You save time

Traveling locally will save you a lot of time. Time on planning, actual traveling, doing research and adapting to new culture.

On local travel you can basically just go and relax and enjoy the holiday without all of the boring practical stuff you need to go through when traveling abroad. Distances tend to be shorter too.

3. You reduce your carbon footprint

This is one of the main reasons why local traveling is gaining more popularity. Air transportation is extremely polluting and by traveling locally by a train or a bus for example, you can reduce your own carbon footprint considerably.

Nature benefits from local travel
Nature benefits from local travel

4. You save effort

When you travel in your own home country you already know the language, the laws, the manners and the culture. You don’t have to do any currency exchanges or suffer from jet lags.

With less stuff on your to do-list, you have more time to sit back and relax

Local traveling will save you lots of effort and energy which you can channel then fully to your holiday and to all of the activities you wish to do.

5. Local travel benefits your homelands economy

Tourism is a huge business in many countries. By traveling locally the money you spend stays in your homelands economical structure plus you support your local companies.

6. You get to know yourself more

Knowing your homeland is knowing your roots. Digging deep in to the culture and history of the country you are living in may help you to know and understand yourself better too.

Our heritage plays a huge role in the way we are structured as human beings. It can be surprisingly interesting to visit some places where you can really sense your ancestors spirits.

Getting to know your roots can be interesting

7. It is easier to go with the flow when you travel locally

Because you are more familiar with the culture and the distances aren’t so huge, you won’t need to have such a solid holiday plan. It’s more easy to just go with the flow and listen to your intuition.

8. It’s safer

Being closer to home and more familiar with the culture brings a bigger sense of safety, which isn’t always a bad thing. It might sound boring, but a sense of safety can actually help you to be more open and relaxed.

You haven’t seen it all

Even if you live in a relatively small country, it’s impossible that you have seen it all. We’ve lived in Helsinki almost all our lives and even we haven’t seen all the places in this city! Not to mention traveling all the way up north to Lapland, it’s like a different world up there.

There’s so much to see with an open mind and heart

It’s just a thought that there’s nothing new nearby. Chances are that the very same thought would eventually make every exotic destination boring as well.

There’s no harm in trying to sometime banish that thought, keep an open mind and see what kind of magic your beloved homeland can offer you.

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