FINNISH LAPLAND IN SUMMER – Activities during warmer season in the North

Finnish Lapland is a well known destination for skiing, snowboarding and other wintry activities. But there are amazing things to experience in the summer too.

In this article we list our favorite things to experience in Lapland in the warmer summer time.

 National parks

Finnish Lapland national parks
Finnish Lapland has several national parks

There are 8 amazing national parks and 12 wilderness areas in Lapland. The arctic nature blooms in the summer. National parks offer the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy all the arctic natures displays.

In Laplands national parks you can find:

  • Trekking routes and trails for longer or shorter hikes
  • Vantage points for breath taking views. Remember to bring your camera with you!
  • Wild untouched arctic nature. Breath in and enjoy
  • Fells, lakes and rivers.

For more spesific information on the national parks and maps check the site :


Lapland fells
Lappish fells are a breathtaking sight during the summer too

The beauty of the Lappish fells is not restricted only to the winter season. In the summer they offer breath taking views and great opportunities for photography and hiking.

Here’s some of the most well known fells in Finnish Lapland:

  • Halti
  • Saana
  • Levi
  • Korvatunturi
  • Pallas
  • Sallatunturi
  • Ylläs
  • Ounastunturi
  • Luosto

For more information on the fells check:

Nightless night

Finnish Lapland nightless night
Nightless night is really something to experience

This is something pretty unique and amazing to experience. The Midnight Sun lights up the northern sky for up to 300 hours during June and July.

The sun doesn’t set below horizon and offers a very special experience of having daylight in the middle of the night. Perfect chance for midnight trips and seeing some wildlife that tend to move in the night time only!

Berry and mushroom picking

Finnish Lapland cloudberries
Cloudberries are a delicious treat of Finnish Lapland

Finnish nature offers lots of possibilities for enjoying natural food. In the summer you can find edible berries and mushrooms in the forests as much as you can pick!

In Lapland you can find blueberries, cowberries and cloudberries as well as many sorts of delicious mushrooms. Remember to be sure which kinds of mushrooms you are picking to avoid any stomach aches.

Arctic waters

View over some arctic waters

Lapland is filled with beautiful arctic waters. These clean and crystal clear lakes, rivers and ponds are perfect for fishing, canoeing and even rafting!


Finnish Lapland owl
Owls are one of the many wild animals you can find in Finnish Lapland

The wild Lappish nature is animal lovers dream. In the wilderness roams all kinds of interesting creatures such as:

  • Reindeers
  • Brown bears
  • Wolverines
  • Wolves
  • Owls
  • Eagles
  • Lynx

Some of these animals are more rare than others but it is highly likely that you come across at least some reindeers and owls during your visit.

Cottage life

Cottage life and camping are popular activities in Finland during the summer

If you want to experience a true cottage life Finnish style, Lapland is the right place for you. There is a huge variety of rental cabins to choose from.

If you want to experience an ascetic holiday a simple wilderness hut could be the best choice for you. For more luxury you can choose from many luxurious 5 star cabins that are rented all over Lapland.


Last but not least, the mystical silence that surrounds you everywhere in Lapland is something you just have to experience even once in your lifetime.

When surrounded by this deep spacious silence you feel so small and so grateful at the same time. It connects us with something undeniably real and forever present inside of us.

Peace and silence are things that make people return Finnish Lapland over and over again

Finnish Lapland is an adventurers dream regardless of the season

The magic of Finnish Lapland is something unique. It makes people come back there over and over again. The mixture of silence, beautiful wilderness and spacious landscapes makes it impossible not to fall in love with this mystical arctic area.

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